Wake up
Help people
Sing what you mean
Mean everything you sing
With your own voice
Fail and start again
Keep learning
To love
All of it

Take Care of Each Other

She’s a queen
Mother sister daughter neighbour lover
He’s a king
Father brother son of every stranger
We sing
Sounds better when we get together
One thing we’ve got to learn to do
Take care of each other
Got to see each other in the mirror
Take care of each other
It’s the one thing that matters
Got to break through the fever
Wake up from the nightmare
One of us in chains none of us are free
All of us in flame no one can see
One of us in pain is one too many
It’s all or nothing
One child is rich 99 are poor
Some legal hitch we didn’t vote for
All systems go into the gutter
Time to try another
Take the lead take the front seat
Taking charge can you take the heat
We take what’s ours we take the cake
We’ve taken the wrong way
Take a holiday take the high road
Take a well earned break
from a heavy load
Take your time take your place
Now give it all away
She’s a queen
He’s a king
We sing
One thing
Take care of each other
Try to see our future getting clearer
Take care of each other
We can do much better
Every soul has a hunger
To be loving another
Take care of each other
Got to see our future getting clearer
Take care of each other
It’s the one thing that matters
Got to break through the fever
Got to see everybody in the mirror


If hate is a shovel
Forgiveness is a broom
Why dig a hole now?
Go and clean up your room
‘Cause what’s done is done
And all is fair
And when the thrill is gone
We’ve got to clear the air
Forgiveness can’t you see?
All that’s come between you and me
Will take it right out
All benefit no doubt
Will turn it on its head
Everything we’ve said
And we’ll be fine
The forgiveness party
Is getting no votes
It ain’t too pretty
We’re at each other’s throats
And now we’re all playing dirty
And it’s getting kinda old
While our hearts are hungry
For a higher road
Forgiveness across the board
Clean the slate lay down your sword
We’ll take it to the top
We’ll run and never stop
A real life line
Submerged to sublime
In good time in good time
We’ll be fine love will shine
You’ve got to do it in your sleep
And all day long
With every beat
Of your blood song
They say revenge is sweet
But is it smart
Why make poison
In your own heart?
Forgiveness for you and me
It’s our only hope of finding peace
The ticket and the key
The only way to be
In the long long ride
To the other side
Of misery of misery
Oh misery set me free


Whatcha doin
Watch out
Takin and takin and takin
And everything’s turnin upside down
Whatcha doin
Watch out
Fakin and fakin and fakin
We’re all just doin the same thing now
We gotta get outta this
I had a dream I don’t wanna wake up
Things as they seem I’d rather stop
Cause I want to shine so bright
That all of my darkest days
Don’t feel like night anymore
Whatcha doin
Watch out
Shakin and shakin
and shakin your head
Instead of takin a stand
Whatcha doin
Watch out
Get up and get on move along
You know there’s blood
on everyone’s hands
We gotta get outta this
Way down inside we are all one soul
Here on the ground we are outta control
Pendulum please don’t swing so wide
This harrowing one-way haul
Down the highway to hell
Started out as a joyride
Whatcha doin
Watch out
Takin and takin and takin
And everyone’s ready to drop
the next bomb
Whatcha doin
Watch out
Achin and achin and achin
We’re all just barely hangin on
We gotta get outta this
We gotta get outta this

Bye Bye Bees

There was a time when our world
was a place to live
A place to stand or to swim or fly
But sadly some tried to stand
above all the rest
Now it is only a place to die
oh why oh why?
Oh honey I’ll miss you
Sweet flower I can’t kiss you
We were singing in the sun
Now our time is done
What can we say
What can we do
No one to blame but me and you
We’re such fools
Weep Mama and wail Daddy
Keep falling on your knees
Our children have nothing to eat
‘Cause we feasted on greed
Do you know what I’m saying
Can you feel what I’m talking about
Is there somebody missing
Who used to be buzzing about
Body black and yellow little tiny wings
Used to take care of everything
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
What have we done
All hope has died oh bye bye
They died screaming and so will I
So close your ears and plug your eyes
Blind comfort asleep in the road
Trucks coming with a heavy load
The apple is eaten down to the core
The tree is rotten there will be no more
Our will is written feet out the door
And we’ll be forgotten evermore

One of Everyone

Everyone who ever hurt you
Is so sorry right now
Their mountain of pain spilled on you
But please don’t let it grow
They would take it back if they could
Turn your bad times into good
Well I know because I’m
One of everyone
Everyone who ever loved you
They still love you right now
Maybe they could never tell you
But you flipped them upside down
Two as one and one from two
Eternal union whole and true
But now you are alone
One of everyone
Everyone who even just
saw you one time
Is so lucky they did
You know you still have
that same magic
That you had as a kid
Did you see them too?
Did you see their spark?
The night was brief
The day so dark
Well they need you to know they’re
One of everyone
Everyone who’s ever known you
Can see you are in pain
You run with joy in great circles
But it catches up again
Stand your ground
And you’re taken down
You hit the mat
And bounce right back
You rise and you drop
But you’ll never stop
You fight and ignite
Derail and delight
And that’s how you become
One of everyone

Haunt Me

Please don’t haunt me anymore
Please don’t taunt me anymore
Please don’t haunt me anymore
Please don’t want me anymore
I just can’t take it
No I can’t take it anymore
Not going to make it
We need to stop
You’ve got me burning
Too high a fever
I was your lover
Now I’m just a believer
I want you I need you
I beg you I plead you
I crave you I curse you
I dread you I dream you
I hear you walking
I see you talking about me
Maybe you’re joking but
I just don’t get it
I gave you everything I had
You give me nothing
Now you have got me begging
And you won’t stop coming around
Please don’t thrill me anymore
Please don’t kill me anymore
Please don’t break me anymore
Please stop taking me over and over
And over and over and over and over
It’s over it’s over it’s over it’s over
I can’t get over you
Please don’t hurt me anymore
Don’t desert me anymore
Please don’t love me anymore
Let me close the door

Look Out

I want to stay up tonight
You are all wrapped up tight
We used live on the edge
Watch as I reach for the fridge
Look out
Look in
Look around
Look back
Look out
Look ‘em in the eye
Never look away
She is a lightning bolt
He’s at the end of his rope
They could be living in a dream
When will they be happy as they seem?
Oh to be young and free
Wow it was ecstasy
Keep it in your mind
Soon you’ll be out of time
Look out
Look here
Look after each other
Look out
Look sharp
Look ahead
Look it up

Dr. Feelbad

Time bomb keeps on ticking
But it’s all we’ve got
And a mule that won’t stop kicking
That same sore spot
Tears are raining so hard
When will we get a break
I see there’s a brighter future
But I can’t wait
Breathe in hold on
Let it out keep your lungs empty
Increase the time with every breath
Overcoming fear of death
The young ones all are wasted
They are wasted on youth
Though everyone else has tasted it
We’re numb to the truth
Oh we’re so complacent
Will we ever rise above
All our vacuous self hatred
And vile self love
Move forward step by step
Find the nerve cut the right wire
Do your work and stay calm
Disarming an economic bomb
I took a stroll down a worm hole
But now I’m stuck
A slippery slope so steep
Nobody can pull me up
I’ve got to get myself together
And tear it all apart
No more taking a beating
From my own heart
Oh doctor can’t you see
I need you and you need me
We’re the best thing we’ve ever had
Why we got to feel so bad?

Pocket Sunrise

Pocket sunrise
Your power never dies
Every day is first prize
Your beaming bright eyes
Pocket sunrise
Your love has no disguise
So young and so wise
The whole package small size
Never hide away
Never shy away
Never fly away from me
Please never fade away
Never fall away
Never turn your face away from me
I need your light to see
The world can be cold
So dark and all alone uh oh
Off and away I go
When I’ve lost my mind
Deaf mute and blind
Shut down for too long a time
Somehow you find me
Never would have known if you
Hadn’t come along
No I could not ever have imagined
All my pride and joy
With you my boy
As I watch you turn into a man
I held you in one hand
Pocket sunrise
You take me by surprise
Big laughs and small cries
Deep lows dizzying highs
Pocket sunrise
You may never realize
How quickly time flies
Till you have your own little guys
So glad to know you
Pocket Sunrise


No we don’t care
Only thin air
What we’re doing
Here we go
We are the squeaky wheels
We love the taste of oil
Never get enough
You got your sex appeal
But that not how you feel
Never good enough
Everyone feeling down
Our spirit on the ground
Gotta get it up
No we don’t care
Only thin air
What we’re doing
We don’t know
Wow wow wow wonderful
So so so right
Pow pow pow powerful
What we’re doing tonight
You say you’ll take me higher
I set your pants on fire
Never get along
How could it come to this
You throw my face a fist
Gotta clean it up
Get over it
We got the buddyvibe
It keeping us alive
Never give it up
No we don’t care
Only thin air
What we’re doing here


Your tears are watering your heart
You’ve got to be measured
You’ve got to be smart
You could drown it or make it grow
One thing you’ve got to know
If it’s cold in there make it warmer
Be a good heartfarmer
Your fears follow you around
A great big entourage
trampling the ground
You’ve got to beg their pardon
I promise you a victory garden
Where you can grow
your own sweet heart
And maybe can find another
Be a good heartfarmer
You’ve got one job to do
Keep it together
Got to dig deep with both feet
Whatever the weather uh huh
And I don’t care who you are
A friend or a stranger from afar
Chasing dreams and schemes
Pain and fortune and glamour
Be a good heartfarmer
All the years go by like days
Trapped on a treadmill
Lost in a haze
What are we doing?
War is brewing
It will lead us to ruin
Come and lay down your armour
Be a good heartfarmer
You’ve got one crop one plot
For so many seasons
And the sun comes and goes
For too many reasons to know
And I don’t care who you are
You could be a saviour or a star
A hustler a fake on the town on the take
Oh a liar a cheater a tiger
A snake a real charmer
Be a good heartfarmer

Weakness Is Strength

Every strength is a weakness
Every weakness a strength
If you’ve got no interest darling
You shouldn’t work at the bank
Every friend is a stranger
Every stranger a friend
We blew up in the big bang baby
And we’re never ever going to mend
All our weakness is strength
And strength is our weakness
We’ve got business in our blood
And blood is running
Every tear is a rainbow
If you put it in the light
Every scream is an anthem
If it can get you through the night
One drop of stillness
Can calm any storm
You’ve been running from that power
Since the day that you were born
So simple yet convoluted
At the same time the same time
So hopeful but so polluted
At the same time the same time
So derivative and yet iconic
At the same time the same time
So brilliant but so moronic
At the same time the same time
Weakness is strength
Freakiness is obvious
Watch what you think
Blinking can be dangerous
So heroic but still pathetic
At the same time the same time